helen rödel

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A beautiful video on Helen Rödel and her latest collection. Focusing on traditional knitting and crocheting techniques she creates — along with a few skilled artisans — amazing wearable creations. Found via ever inspiring, Ok, Bye.

guest blogger

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Today I am a guest blogger over on Sophie's adorable blog, Her Library Adventures. Pop on over to see what I've found. Sophie is currently away on adventure with her Year 12 students in Anglesea.

i spy

Some of my favourite signs I get to see daily when at work. The Fruit Tingles, Juicy Froot and No Smoking pieces are new additions which I'm loving! I wonder how long they will last? As each new day comes I can't help but hope to discover more. What do you see on your way to work?

etsy seven

After looking at my Etsy favourites from the past fortnight I realised a lot of them were wearables. It could have something to do with the fact I'm really wanting newness in my wardrobe right now.

1. Green marbled necklace from, Ashley Oh
2. Handy Maiden, owl head brooch
3. 1940's fabric purse from, Allen Company Inc.
4. 1950's brass locket also from, Allen Company Inc.
5. Rose patterned silk tank from, Adrian Company Vintage
6. Ashley Oh, 1940's lace dress
7. 1940's chocolate pumps with bows from, Prance and Swagger

brooch swap II

Hopefully you guessed from my last post that the brooch I made for my Brooch Swap partner was indeed a fabric feather! The feather loosely ties in with my partners blog name and I know that she also likes fabric. The coloured fabric used in this brooch is vintage Japanese fabric which I bought a few years ago and love so I hope she does too. I'm yet to hear the brooch has arrived however I couldn't resist posting one last brooch themed post to end the week. Happy Friday! x

in progress

As mentioned in previous posts as part of the Brooch Swap I too made a brooch. I am not sure my partner has received their brooch yet so until I hear so I thought I'd share some in progress shots.

brooch swap

Congratulations Marta you have very good eyes and managed to spot my new brooch in the post below! It was indeed the little foxy in the dress. She was made with lots of love, care and attention to detail by my very talented Brooch Swap partner — Jodie, from Whiskers Lane. Thank you Jodie. Little foxy is adorable, very much loved and doing well in her new home.


Hello. I'm still here. I've been side-tracked a little with work, sickness and visiting friends. Friends in far away places with strange names like Nangiloc.

This very rough gif is for Eva who wanted to see all of my brooches being worn at once. It was quite a task pinning them all on! I wonder if anyone can spot my newest brooch which wasn't in this post?! (If your name is Jodie no cheating.) 

DIY camera

I spotted this DIY 35mm functional camera on the Third Drawer Down newsletter and thought it was pretty cool. I'd love to see what the photos look like that it takes. Does anyone have one?

Another cool item which caught my eye was these shredder scissors — imagine the destruction you could cause with these!
It's a long weekend here in Victoria - yay! Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope you are having a good one.

lucky so and so

Jessi from Lucky So and So could be my new colour (and happiness) hero, she is also a thrifty girl. Watch her TED talk to see what I mean.

The two Katies from, Colour Me Katie and What Katie Wore respectively, are still pretty high up on my colour hero list.

Who do you admire for their colourful ways?


I'm constantly inspired by the amazing amount of creative work and talented people I find via Etsy, like the above creations from collaborative twin sisters, Heidi and Erika of Matayo. Their ceramic sculptures are rather beautiful, don't you think?

I realise I post a lot of Etsy content here on my blog and would probably go as far as saying I have a slight Etsy addiction. I'm also aware Etsy is not everyone's cup of tea, for it's lack of control and swift action taken over untruthful store owners claiming to stock handmade and vintage content when in fact they don't. I believe this is a serious shame which undermines those living honestly through their passions. I also believe honest store owners should not be punished or cut off from commenting in forums when they bring issues such as these to the attention of others. It's not right to silence. We all have a right to inform and be informed.

As much as I love Etsy, I also enjoy Regretsy and Etsy Bitch. I believe balance is a good thing. Etsy is not perfect but I'd prefer it existed than not. We are adults and can make up our own minds therefore I choose to see the good in both the platform that is Etsy and the sellers who are honest people. I am not oblivious to the negative. However here on my blog I wish to focus on the positives and continue to share the things which inspire me - from Etsy and beyond. 

I believe as creatives we need to support one another and rise above those doing the wrong thing. By sharing the work of others here on my blog I hope to contribute in some small way in doing just that.

future fashion now

 image from looming who are part of Future Fashion Now

If you don't have plans for tonight you could head down to Future Fashion Now, a free event here in Melbourne at the St Kilda Town Hall from 4pm - 7:30pm. This event aims to showcase local designers, crafty-folk and suppliers with environmental and social sustainability in mind. Find out more here and here.

Another local fashion-y event on until the end of August is, Pop Craft a pop-up shop featuring all sorts of textile goodness. See here for more. I'd really like to check out one of the a machine-knitting classes, I'm so curious about how this works!


Its been quite a while since I've posted about my brooch collection. You can see my other two posts about it here and here. I didn't think it'd grown much but thought since I was taking part in this lovely Brooch Swap it was about time I took an updated shot. Plus I was looking for inspiration on what I can make for my swap partner...hmmm.