Hello. I'm still here. I've been side-tracked a little with work, sickness and visiting friends. Friends in far away places with strange names like Nangiloc.

This very rough gif is for Eva who wanted to see all of my brooches being worn at once. It was quite a task pinning them all on! I wonder if anyone can spot my newest brooch which wasn't in this post?! (If your name is Jodie no cheating.) 


Lanapelana said...

Haha!Awesome! Maybe the new one is this with the foxy with a dress??
(It's been so fun this searching!) :)

Lele said...

what a lot of brooches!!

*peluchines únicos hechos a mano

whiskerslane said...

I see it I see it :)


Oh no! I don't love that you've been sick.... but I do LOVE your brooches gif! It made me smile..
Hope you're on the mend now

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

Oh dear. I got dizzy going backwards and forwards from the post to the linked post, so I'm not quite sure.
But you look really cute and I hope you are feeling better. xxx

Sandra Eterovic said...

So funny Evie! I love it. The pictures remind me of a funny lady I know who likes to wear about 20 butterfly brooches on her chest, as well as a few in her hair for good measure. No irony there though.

P R I M O E Z A said...

he he :) i love it.

lanusa said...

hehehehehhee. Eva and you are so amazing!!!!

misako mimoko said...

hahahaha!!!! :D
Evie!! you're crazy!! that's soooooo awesome and funny!!
ohh!! i loved to play it!!! going back and ford, again and again!! hehe
i've seen the foxy girk with the dress and the "v" pin (of evie? ;)
are they your newest brooches?
(i have a tiny "e" too on my wall)
I think I'm going to copy you, and I'll post a game like yours ;D
LOVED it so much. it made my day, so funny!!!

Hope you feel better now. take care :)
HAPPY solstice!!!

sophie b. said...

TRO BÔ ! j'adore

Georgia said...

love it! hooray for brooches!