I'm constantly inspired by the amazing amount of creative work and talented people I find via Etsy, like the above creations from collaborative twin sisters, Heidi and Erika of Matayo. Their ceramic sculptures are rather beautiful, don't you think?

I realise I post a lot of Etsy content here on my blog and would probably go as far as saying I have a slight Etsy addiction. I'm also aware Etsy is not everyone's cup of tea, for it's lack of control and swift action taken over untruthful store owners claiming to stock handmade and vintage content when in fact they don't. I believe this is a serious shame which undermines those living honestly through their passions. I also believe honest store owners should not be punished or cut off from commenting in forums when they bring issues such as these to the attention of others. It's not right to silence. We all have a right to inform and be informed.

As much as I love Etsy, I also enjoy Regretsy and Etsy Bitch. I believe balance is a good thing. Etsy is not perfect but I'd prefer it existed than not. We are adults and can make up our own minds therefore I choose to see the good in both the platform that is Etsy and the sellers who are honest people. I am not oblivious to the negative. However here on my blog I wish to focus on the positives and continue to share the things which inspire me - from Etsy and beyond. 

I believe as creatives we need to support one another and rise above those doing the wrong thing. By sharing the work of others here on my blog I hope to contribute in some small way in doing just that.

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Sandra Eterovic said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly about etsy, but I think that the power that it wields for networking almost makes up for the bad stuff. It has been pretty good to me I must admit. I roll my eyes when I see something that is just a few years old being passed off as "vintage" and get rather more irate when I see manufactured goods passed off as handmade. Maybe it is up to the consumer to scrutinise those photos well: buyer beware.