learning to veg out!

As previously mentioned I spent last Thursday evening attending, 'Watercolour Food Fun with Dawn Tan' at Harvest Workroom were lots about watercolour painting — Dawn Tan style — was learned. Dawn is a wonderful teacher, passing on encouragement plus lots of tips and tricks that she has acquired over her many years experience. It was not only Dawn's knowledge and generosity which I found inspiring but also the way that she effortlessly and fearlessly marks a blank piece of paper. I love her gusto! And all of that teamed with her cheery disposition makes for a fun and almost playful way to learn. I loved it!

We didn't finish our pieces in class (although Dawn shows you through each step) so above are some pictures of the work I did afterward. Perhaps I got a little carried away and overworked it in the end but I was having such a good time I found it hard to stop?! 

If you do ever get the opportunity to attend a class run by Dawn and you have an interest in learning a bit about watercolour painting, you would be crazy to miss out. Now I can't wait to try some more watercolour.

Thanks Dawn for a wonderful workshop x


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Victoria said...

You're so lucky, all the wonderful workshops you get to do, really would love to have more time to do some too .... one day. It's gorgeous E, really lovely, put it in a frame, not in a drawer!