bonjour johanna

Another awesome 'present' arrived in my mail box recently — all the way from Berlin. This time it was a colouring zine and a small tote bag, hand painted by Johanna (there is a peek of the bag in the post below) + in this package was an extra little handmade notebook. Inside this notebook was the following sweet message.

"I created this notebook to give it to people I love but can't see. They're far away from me, in other cities.
On these pages they can write all the little things they would tell mi if I could be with them.
Please think about somebody you love when you write in this notebook."

I'm a fan of Johanna's giant paste-up monsters, 'Copains' and since I do not live near them when I saw that she'd created this mini colouring zine, I couldn't resist!

Also unbeknown to me at the time, I've actually crossed paths with one of Johanna's Copain's in person and if it wasn't for the internet I may never have realised. You can read about our encounter here, if you like.

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Johanna Tagada said...

I saw that post a few days ago and it brought a huge smile on my face (thank you for that), but not time to leave you a little message sorry.

Also thank you for your support, this post and the pictures (I like them!), I'm so glad to see every thing arrived safely and even more that you like it.

I wish you a nice week, ... soon Christmas!


PS: Also thank you for the link to Sandra's blog with the picture of the wall :D