whatcha doin?

We are getting close now kiddies and big kids at heart — Christmas is just around the corner!
Another week full of blurry snippets. Blurry not because I'm drunk on festivities, but more for the speed it went by in!

Learning from the super cleaver, lovely lady Dawn Tan how to do a foodie water colour painting. So fun and lots learned!
Reading and loving, Conversations with Creative Women (pictured above, under a shady tree on my lunch break)
Making not much craftyness this week, I'm working on design project outside of work which are keeping me busy
Watching Gone Baby Gone I really enjoyed this movie and was surprised to find out it was directed by Ben Affleck
mostly the radio this week — a mix of RRR and JJJ
Eating Almond M&M's — yum! New to Australia but much older elsewhere
Drinking a delicious fruity French Earl Grey from T2 Tea
Wishing I had more sleep this week — I bet I am not the only one!?

I hope your week has been filled with fun and excitement. Any highlights?


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hi! lovely blog & beautiful and cute things you make!

Johanna Tagada said...

The little tote bag :D, so happy to see it with you.

This books looks interesting, I'm having a look at their webpage!

I wish you a nice weekend,