to the park

Pics off my phone from my walk to the park on my lunch break yesterday. I take the shortcut to the park which is through the lane-ways. I like the lane-ways there is usually something unusual to discover. Yesterday as I turned the corner down this particular one I was stuck by the amazing scale and beauty of this flowering tree amongst it's grey surrounds and a perfect blue sky backdrop. These pics don't do it justice at all.


Christina said...

Is that a massive bouganvilliea? They look so impressive en masse when flowering don't they? But they are nasty thorny little plants!

Thanks for the back lane sneak peek. I'm home bound with a toddler with a tummy bug. :)

Luna said...

Lovely to take the time and notice these things. Everything here is looking so lush from the recent rain - my soul is soaking it up before the bush summer dries it to a crisp!!!