whatcha doin?

lisa hannigan by nicholas laclair
This is the second last 'whatcha doin?' post before Christmas. I hope you are all on track for your celebrations or however you are spending this time of the year.

Learning to trust my instinct and listen to that inner voice of wisdom
Reading nothing new but I did manage to finish Conversations with Creative Women
Making cotton crocheted dish clothes like these
Watching Game of Thrones, another outstanding HBO series
M83 and Lisa Hannigan
Eating fresh apricots and strawberriess
Drinking coffee, tea and water seem to be this weeks staples... however my work Christmas party is tonight so I'm sure things are about to change!
Wishing a dear college all the happiness she deserves for the year ahead on her new adventure

What did you learn this week?

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Luna said...

Such a great idea for a post this - think i might try it next year. Haven't been much of a blogger this past six months but thinking I want to get right back in for next year (mojo finally returning after a gruelling study term)- have continued to enjoy and be inspired by your blog lots though, so keep on at it! And have a lovely christmas too!