welcome december

I'm a little slow I know, it's the 5th already. Not too sure where those first few days went. Although it has been super busy here and with one computer in the house sometimes when one of us is freelancing and meeting crazy deadlines the 'other' gets little 'at home' computer time. The 'other' this week was me.

Dare I admit the forced blogging break was a little nice but it's also very nice to be back! And for putting up with someones crazy deadlines I was surprised with beautiful flowers
today, which more than makes up for any missed blogging time! Right?

So, something I blogged about a long time ago arrived on my doorstep this week. Such a nice surprise. It is my first illustration ever to be published in a zine. How cool is that?

Mine is the first on the left in the spread below.

Thanks Rand.

You can find out more over at testeverythingzine.wordpress.com


Sophie said...

Let me guess...the cat one says: see you in my dream. is yours? Is it? A bit moody..


teddybearswednesday said...

Congratulations Evie!! Your illo is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Brit said...

How fun, congrats! It is a beautiful illustration!

Danielle said...

that's awesome! you forgot to mention this yesterday young lady. well done xo

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

Congratulations! They are all so beautiful.
Love Hannah xx

Kylie said...

How wonderful!! I love your illustration - just gorgeous :) K

Bexy said...

oh la la - how fabulous! So exciting and what a great illustration. Overflowing with talent as always!