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Today over on My Love for You I spotted a post about a great guy, Rand Rendfrow who is publishing and hand making his own zines, amongst other things.

It was the pics of the zine making that caught my eye. Containing illustrations by various artists all over the world, each issue has a theme and each limited edition copy is lovingly screenprinted by hand! You've got to respect that!

Rand is on the lookout for contributors. So, if you consider yourself a tinsy bit skilled in the arts area why not submit your work. Go on you know you can. And yes you are good enough! Artwork submission is open to all. You'll have to be quick though to catch the next issue, submissions close May 8th. But there is always next month.

Rand seems like the kind of guy who enjoys a challenge and most definitely is open to ideas so if there's anything you have wanted to test screen check out his production house Test Everything also on MySpace. Would be even better if you lived in Texas too, then you could pop down in person. One to watch, I think!

All pics from Test Everything Flickr group.


becka said...

Fun! What a good find!

Veja cecilia said...

what a great thing!

Rand said...

thank you, thank you so much.
everyone, submit! and tell your friends!


Love those colors!