rinse cycle

Do you ever have days that just don't go so well and you wonder why you didn't stay in bed? I seem to be starting every day like that at the moment. From spilling breakfast, falling over while trying to put shoes on quickly all the while knowing I should be seated, blinking mascara all over my eyelids, cat fur all over my clothes and not being able to find the lint brush for half an hour, forgetting scarfs, keys, glasses etc only to remember once downstairs, holes in tights, walking into doorways that haven't moved (who knew?) and the list goes on.

I'm aware these are small things on a scale of bad things that could go wrong but hey, they just don't put me in the best mood to start the day with. Plus I always seem to be running late. Do you think the universe could be telling me something? Perhaps it doesn't want me to get to where I'm going...

Anywho yesterday started no differently, if not worse!

When I put on my jeans I noticed something in the pocket, as soon as I put my hand in and felt the hardness of the object my heart sunk, I knew exactly what it was. You see, last week a lovely little piece of mail arrived, it was the first brooch I'd bought this year, one to add to the collection. It was a little treasure of a piece, lovingly handmade by the most talented Amy who has a shop Vanilla Bug which sells the cutest things. I'd had my eye one of her brooches for a while. I even waited until the bills were paid before treating myself. I was going to blog about it too but hadn't had the chance yet. Never did I think I would be blogging about it like this. You see, it went through the wash!

I feel silly. I forgot. The sweetest little handmade brooch is no more. How will Amy ever forgive me? Lesson learnt, ALWAYS check ALL pockets before washing. I am so sorry Amy to have destroyed your beautiful work.

Alas my day did improve (although I still feel horrible about the whole rinse cycle thing), I won blogroll bingo over here. That rocked! I was chuffed. I also got to go to Brown Owls to listen to the loveliest ladies chat about their blogging worlds. Which was fantastic, inspiring and full of handy information. Thanks so much Pip, Angela and Lucy for taking time to chat to us all last night. You are super stars.

Bird print from Brown Owls and brooch remains.

Things took another turn for the worse though when I got back to my car. A parking ticket was waiting. Damn it! Why didn't I read all the signs on the post and not just the one I wanted to see. Could my day please not end the way it started?

stay tuned to see what was waiting for me when I got home!


Kirsty said...

Oh no...brooch wash & parking ticket.

Oh hooray...brown owls & bingo.

Danielle said...

things can only get better!!

Off The Peg said...

Poor you! That all just totally sucks! Apart from the Brown Owls bit which was good wasn't it.
I hope today has been a bit better.
Your blog is lovely by the way.

becka said...

No! Oh no, that is such a bummer. She makes such beautiful things too. I do love that bird very much, though.

teddybearswednesday said...

Your poor thing!! Yes I know exactly what you mean, I think I had weeks like that, where everything possible went wrong, it hasn't been so bad lately, perhaps these things come in waves?
THanks for your lovely comment on my blog.It really means a lot. I love your blog by the way.
hope to see you soon