flickr love

These handmade and individually painted lovelies all the way from Mexico City caught my eye on flickr with their bold, bright colours, they are such imaginative little creatures. I love them!
The creators
website says, 'We’re two, inĂ©s and roi, like milk and coffee. We live in our imaginary house of sweat and stench in Mexico City. All you see here is handmade by us.'
Which leaves me to wonder...'imaginary Mexico City...their web address is .nr for Nauru? Hmm mysterious.


katiecrackernuts said...

Oi, what a story. What a day.
Thanks for the comments on my blog. Yippee, I'll come take you for a drive in the Prius when I win. ; ) Yes, the mag. You've got it? Wonderful isn't it. Clever girl that Kelley.

bex said...

hope you have better days!! sorry about your brooch!1 thoses little monsters look very cute

PaisleyJade said...

Very unusual cute!

.girl ferment. said...

how marvellous

Jessica said...

oh i love little creatures !