Sugar Doll

A little while ago the very fun and clever Zoe from Conversation Pieces gave me The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award. How sweet. Thanks Zoe!

There were two parts to Zoe's awards post one was 10 Things About Me... and the other 7 Personality Traits. I'm not sure which one was meant for me and I don't think it matters but since I have done 6 Things About Me... before, I will go with the 7 Personality Traits this time.

Quiet - I observe and listen more than make noise. I'm not much of a talker (most of the time) I'm more of a listener.

Kind - It's important to me to be kind to others, it's a simple thing but can make a huge difference to someone's day.

- I constantly forget peoples names and street names, venue names, if I turned the oven off, iron off, grabbed my keys before heading out the door etc. Sometimes I must seem pretty vague. I do try to remember things but I just can't help it.

- Sometimes I think I have an unhealthy amount of empathy - if there is such a thing? It can be quite overwhelming and emotionally draining.

- Well I try to be. I'm a compulsive list maker. I have lists everywhere. On my desk at home, at work. Near the phone. In my work diary, personal diary - you get the picture!

- I used to ignore my intuition or perhaps I wasn't quite in tune with it but now I always listen and believe it knows best.

- Being creative is what I do and on days that I don't get to put my creativity to much use I become irritable and a HUGE grump! Needless to say I try not to let this happen.

Now that I’ve shared a little more about myself, I will pass this award on to some other lovely bloggers.

My Sugar Dolls are;
Clare - Checks and Spots
Jess -
Teddy Bear's Wednesday
Hannah -
One Yellow Jumpsuit
Sara -
In the Light of the Sun

As Zoe so put it, 'You guys know all the rules… pass [this award] on if you want, do the tags if you want and generally just keep on being your super lovely selves.'



teddybearswednesday said...

THank you so much Evie!! You are really too kind!!
Thanks for sharing a little bit more about you.
You are very kind, lovely and sweet too!! And I realised we do share quite a few ( well I would like to think I'm kind and empathetic . But i'm not organised at all!)
thanks again Happy Monday.

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

And Happy Monday to you!
Thank you so much. I would love to play along.
Thank you also for including me on your "A Little online Romance" list. My heart skipped a little beat when I saw it there. So, thank you.
You really are very sweet, kind and creative.
You have made my Monday a Very Happy Monday.

Checks and Spots said...

Oh shucks! You are too lovely Evie...Will def play along.
Thank you for thinking of me...
See you tomorrow

Sara said...

Aw how kind of you to think of me! Thank you so much. I'm not sure I could do the personality traits, maybe I'll try the ten things? I could mention personality traits I'd like to have?!! I read your 6 things too - it's fantastic! I love that your finger is shaped by colour pencils and I'm not sure about your musical abilities but creativity wise I'm sure Bowie and Elvis would be proud to share their birthday with your.
Lists are my favourite things - do you ever add to your list things you've done post writing it, just so you can cross it off? I do it all the time! Procrastination and achievement all in one go!

thanks again Evie. you're a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Your blog is so full of passion and creativity, That's why i'm giving you a "blog honorable mention" for endlessly creative bloggers. If you want it come to my blog and copy the jpg of the "award" and place it on your blog.You can give it to 10 other bloggers
Kisses from Warsaw/Poland

Kylie said...

This is so lovely to read more about you, Evie. Strangely, I think I already 'knew' all these things and how lovely you are just from reading your blog. :) K

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Evie, thank you for your lovely words about me and giving the thing to me in the first place. Glad to know you felt weird too,
And speaking of weird, um I don't know how to say this, did you by any chance just buy Wombok from me? ( I don't want you to feel bad if you didn't, oh dear) but THANK YOU if you did. It's just I'm not sure there are many Evies. xx

Checks and Spots said...

Did it!!

Thanks so much for the award're a doll! Hope you're having a lovely day