italy : florence, pisa & rome

Giant cats guarded the cities in Italy. Well, I'm not sure exactly what they were doing but I liked to think they were like guardian angels to the ancient ruins.

Florence. I didn't want to leave it was so amazingly beautiful.

Guess where? Clue? Look at the very last building to the right in the pic.

The ruins of Rome were hard to fathom, coming from such a young nation like Australia.

Cheap wine never tasted so good!


Kylie said...

Gorgeous photos Evie. Love Italy - they know how to live, don't they? We saw massive cats like that in Central America too... kind of confronting at first ;) K

ShazamBangles said...

Nice place for a wedding.

mama bear said...

Ooooh I love Italy. It was mine and my hubby's (!!) favourite holiday ever. Cheap wine and happy people and the sexiest fruit and veg I've ever eaten! Beautiful photos xx ps.Thanks for the comment about the wedding!

P R I M O E Z A said...

oh florence, my favourite! i NEED to get back there.