happy planet - challenge 4

Oh no I cracked! The mag challenge from Happy Planet - Challenge 2 came unstuck on Friday when I purchased The Age for the mag inside (Did you see it? Full page Pip, looking gorgeous!) and well, while I was there I picked up a copy of Frankie too! Oops. One month with no mag purchases is pretty tough for this gal. Having said that I've had more time to do other things I enjoy when I would normally be reading my mags. So, I think from all of this I have come to realise that my list of mags to purchase can be seriously culled to a select few. Top of the list for me - Frankie, Peppermint, King Brown and Wooden Toy.

Happy Planet - Challenge 3, went really well. My hair only got mistaken for a hand rail once, unidentified objects were stuck in my back, side and arm a total of 4 times plus I only experienced one delay, which was 4 minutes. Not too bad right? I ended up taking the train and not walking on all occasions except once, I car pooled with a workmate as Melbourne was hit by some pretty stormy weather. The big pro for me was not having to move my car during the day as there is no all-day parking near work. I think I might continue to take public transport from time-to-time. Sadly if it wasn't for the cost I would do it more.

Next fortnightly challenge - no meat Mondays and Wednesdays. This challenge was inspired by the campaign called Meat Free Mondays which I found out about over on the lovely Dear Plastic blog! I'm not the biggest meat eater but I have also never consciously considered how much meat I do eat. I look forward to seeing how this challenge goes.


Bexy said...

well done with the mags! I am also a total mag lover and I gave them up for the month of May for the Care Australia world hunger campaign fundraiser. It was hard work so I can empathise with you about that!
Congratulations on doing your bit for mother nature :-)

katiecrackernuts said...

I don't even try now. I love my mags, though I only buy one or two a month at the moment.
Oooh, I forget there's a Melbourne magazine. The Sydney one is great. We don't have the benefit of shared stories though.

Christina Lowry said...

The only mags that I buy are Frankie and Mixtape - which is really a zine, and I am a subscriber to both. So while I did not purchase any mags, these two did come in my letter box having been previously paid for! Having read through my Frankie mag and loving it, you are totally forgiven for buying it, who could resist? And an article about Pip? Well, that is supporting craft, right? :)

tea with lucy said...

I'm loving your Happy Planet Challenges! I've cut right back on my insatiable mag consumption this year...but there is no way I could give 'em up completely!