happy planet - challenge 3

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Look out public transport here I come! This fortnight's challenge is to use public transport to get to/from work at least two days each week.

I know I should be doing this one more. If I felt confident enough to tackle Melbourne's roads on a pushy I would. It just doesn't seem natural (read 'safe') to be so close to cars while on a bike! Perhaps I'm just a chicken?

As for taking public transport Melbourne's system is... well, not the best, especially during peek hour. For me it cost less to drive my small car to work, its quicker, my car doesn’t cancel or become delayed and I only have to put up with my own BO, which of course I don’t have (ha). I'll probably end up walking instead of taking PT (during peek hour) which can't hurt, I could certainly do with the extra exercise! Either way one less car on the roads for a bit has got to be a good thing.

The magazine and paper reduction challenge is still carrying over too as mentioned and doing really well. I find the best way to avoid temptation is to simply ‘avoid’ it. No Magnation for me! Plus I spotted this over on The Design Files which is some help.

These challenges have been good, they definitely get me thinking of ways to be as friendly as I can to our environment. What I'm doing might seem small to some, but for me it's important to be trying and doing something, I believe every, little bit counts!

Found this 'Facts & Figures' list on ZeroWaste, which has lots of great snippets such as;

'Recycling a glass jar saves enough energy to light a bulb for four hours.'



Yumi said...

good luck with your challenge!

p.s. magazines are hard to give up, I agree! I have been hanging out a lot at my local library reading all their amazing subscriptions...and spending quality time in cafe's that have good magazines!!!

Checks and Spots said...

You're right - if everyone made small changes, we'd notice a big difference.

Am loving hearing of your challenges. They have inspired me to make a few changes myself.

Good luck braving Melbourne's PT system!

Kirsty said...

You're doing really well with these challenges...good on you.