happy planet - challenge 2 progress

Well it appears I have had a complete memory laps and broken my 2 week challenge not to purchasing any magazines. You see I saw this, didn't think twice and purchased immediately! Given it is a zine... but I will not try to justify it. I didn't even twig to what I'd done until it arrived in the mail yesterday.
I really thought I could do this one, I guess not, that's why it's called a challenge. Right?! Well, I have been doing the recycling bit really well and cutting back on extra printouts where not completely necessary.

If I wasn't doing this challenge and I didn't have my memory back I would have purchased
this mag which I spotted on Daydream Lily
and this mag too which was featured on The Design Files today. Oh, it is tough, for me, the magazine addict! And since I've lapsed before time is up I am extending the no magazine theme for another two weeks, plus there will be a new one at the beginning of next week to keep things interesting!


Little Jane St said...

Hi there - what a lovely blog! You left a comment on my little blog a few days about the bangles in Nook... I emailed the shop owner and gave her your blog link so that she can get back to you!

Enjoy your afternoon!

Little Jane St said...

Hi again:) The bangles are from:

SewHum said...

You can only try! I mean little zines - maybe they don't count!

Dawn Tan said...

: ) Thanks for purchasing! Heh