drumroll please...

...commenter no.21 - Carly from agirlandherblog

~ CONGRATULATIONS Carly some BIRTHDAY LOOT is heading your way! ~

A big thankyou to everyone who participated in my first ever blog giveaway, I've sincerely enjoyed reading all of your comments and meeting a few of you lurkers too. You know who you are. It's so nice to meet you!

Below are some action shots my lovely assistant took of the draw so you would know the giveaway wasn't rigged! We opted for an old-school method - numbers-in-a-hat style.


Noelia said...

Congrats to her!! :)
I bet it was so much fun to do the contest! :) And thanks for doing it of course!


carly said...

i love it.
it's funny 21 is my birthday!
hahah. april 21st! how crazy is that?!?!

Bexy said...

congratulations carly!