welcome spring!

images from here

I am absolutely in love with floral arrangement company Leif.

Owned and operated by twin sisters in Utah. Leif uses all recycled containers for their arrangements, which are exquisitely organic in style. They also have their own blog,

Such a pity Utah is so far from Melbourne, although I will be bookmarking this one for wedding inspiration that's for sure!

(No. No wedding soon, doesn't mean a girl can't have an inspiration folder though.)


Bexy said...

wow - gorgeous! Thanks for the heads up, I will now spend my lunch hour drooling over all the flowers on their site!

I love that Melbourne turned on Spring, right on 1 September!

(I'm ignoring the fact that I know there will be one more cold snap before it stays warm, denial is wonderful sometimes...)

Checks and Spots said...

We're not in the same office today, but great minds still think alike...or at least have spring on their mind!!



Sarah said...

Oh these are so lovely! I wish I could do even the simpliest arrangements like these.... :)

Noelia said...

Its rainning here, but sept shows the spring feeling everywhere ... :D

katiecrackernuts said...

Oh, these are perfect. I love the idea of small pieces dotted all through the house rather than big pieces. My second life would be as a florist - I dream.
As for your nana, she's a tropper. Ask her to teach you if you don't know already.

edward and lilly said...

Such beautiful, simple and fresh arrangements, I love Spring so much and these capture the essence of it.

Anonymous said...

So so pretty... do you mind if I bookmark for wedding inspiration too? ;)

mel bomba said...

Oh i love flower arrangements like this and wish more florist would let lose.
i to have been collected images, my sister is getting married in a year and i've taken it upon myself to be her stylist!