gone potty

From top to bottom images from; sweetrice, littleredmercantile again for pic 3,
and SentimentalityYour's

Many of you may have seen the adorable potholder displays Mieke Willems make instore which I have posted about before, and you may have posted them too! They make a lovely feature wall.

One day I plan to learn how to crochet something like them myself.

If you too like this look and are not so good with a crochet hook you could always keep a look out when op shopping or perhaps head to
etsy where I found these beauties!

There are also some pretty crocheted pot holders listed over at
Fine Little Shop.


Kylie said...

I've gone potty too! Aren't they wonderful?! I have dreams of crocheting my own... I'm still on trainer wheels though. Fabulous post - it needed to be all pulled together. All those people you've mentioned need to be in one post - well done ;)
Kylie x

maçã said...

Girls, you should learn! It's very eas... well, my sister says that is! I only do tricot, I can't do crochet.

Wish you gooc luck learning :) *


Veja cecilia said...

You didn´t miss my give away at all, you actully won it:)!
You can go to my portfolio from the link on my blog to take a closer look on the six different prints you can choose between. then send me an email and tell me which print you wish and also give me your address, and I´ll snailmail you one at once:)
my email is: cissi.pettersson@gmail.com
all the best! /cissi (veja cecilia)