win ~ birthday loot!

Wow I can't believe it has been 1 year today since I started blogging!

When I began I wasn't sure I'd keep it up for a week or month so it's a really nice surprise to still be posting one year on. Here's to many more!

A part of my motivation to continue is knowing someone out there might be looking in and enjoying what I share. Every comment is a nice surprise and I'd like to thank everyone who has stopped by over the past year, left a comment or even just lurked. I too was a lurker before starting my blog. It was the many blogs I lurked around that inspired and gave me the desire to start my own, along with a dear friends encouragement. So, a big thanks to everyone who's blog I've visited too!

••• •• •••• •••• • 1YR BLOG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY • •••• • • • •••••

To celebrate this 1 year achievement I have put together a little giveaway, the first one handmaderomance has seen! Exciting! Included in the loot is a Donna Wilson cat I've been busy knitting from this fantastic book. Although my kitty has a little creative interpretation in her I think she is super neat and could soon be yours! Some of the other lovely goodies in this giveaway can be seen below.

So, if you would like to be in with a chance to receive the handmaderomance birthday loot simply leave a comment at this post. If you like, tell me what the best thing about blogging is for you, of course you don't have to this is just a suggestion on what you could comment about.

The winner will be drawn in a weeks time, entries open till then. Monday 24th ETA that is.

Good luck! x


Kylie said...

Oh wow! I LOVE that gorgeous cat! and all those buttons and goodies look super cute! :)
Yes please please please - put me in the draw! (Hope you don't use the random generator thingy - they never pick no.1..!) What I like about blogging is the buzz of creativity it gives me, the sharing spirit and like-minded souls understanding what you're doing... which in turn buzzes your creativity. I love seeing what people are making - so inspiring. Thanks for this fabulous giveaway :) K

caz said...

love the stripey tail on the cat, and those green turtle buttons are so sweet! thanks for the giveaway =)

becka said...

That cat is too much, I love it!

Congratulations on hitting the one year mark! I love that our blogs have kind of grown up together, and getting to know lovely people like yourself is definitely one my blogging highlights!

Keep up the fantastic work!


Bexy said...

I have to admit - I'm a lurker sorry! But I love to read your blog, I am also a Melbourne lover and love it when we are on similar wavelengths about things!
Yours is one of the blogs I read that inspired me to start playing around with my own. Fun!
The cat is too cute, so talented! And the stash looks GREAT!
Bexy :-)

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

aww what a beautiful prize! One of my favourite things about blogging is being able to share things I see and adore with other people, there's so much beauty and inspiration all over the web...

Miss Muggins said...

Happy Birthday to you! I love all the goodies, especially that cat. Once I was at the doctors and they had that pattern in an English womans day mag. I wanted to tear it out, or slip the mag into my bag, but my conscience would not allow me to!Hope I win! I love blogging because of the sense of sharing and friendship. I also love writing and taking photos.

Bird Bath said...

What a super giveaway - love that kitty! and congratulations on reaching your bloggy birthday.
I enjoy the creativity you and other bloggers share - and this in turn helps to inspire me and share my own creative pursuits...It's a bit like a big creative wheel of inspiration!

Del4yo said...

This kitty is sooooooooooooooh cute! What a beautiful giveaway!

There's a lot of wonderful things about blogging. Being part of a blogosphere helped me survive to expatriation. It also helped me to keep in touch with my country of origins. It helped me find kindred spirits, got my art known...But the cutest thing is how many people ask to use my illustrations for birth announcements. Heart warming, really!

Christina Lowry said...

I am so impressed with your cat! It is gorgeous. I can feel the knitting envy welling up in me now....

I love the knitted letters on Donna's page that you linked too. How cool would it be to have your name in kitted letters like that?! And the owl! So damn cute.

Please enter me in your fabulous anniversary celebration giveaway before I get to jealous. I would take that kitty with me everywhere. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your site! I stumbled across it through etsy a couple months ago and check it daily. Congratulations on your anniversary!

aizkim said...

cute much! i love all your handmade creations. I'm a newbie in the handmade world and your blog was one of the few that inspired me to go ahead and pick up those scissors and needles and try my hands on this creative feat.Thank you and goodluck. May you have MORE HAPPY BLOGGING YEARS ahead of you!

woolanthropy said...

Happy Blog Birthday.

The Odd Bod Bunch is great and your kitty is the cutest.

I just recently found your blog and have really been enjoying it. You have a great eye. Can't wait to see see what happens with those little beards.

hollie said...

Yay Evie! This is such an amazing giveaway - The kitty is so cool, you clever thing!

For me, the best thing about blogging is the lovely friends I have made, some of which have become great real-life friends too!

If you are ever ferr on Thursday evenings you should come along to our knitting/crochet group too!

Hollie xxx

Chelsey said...

that cat is so adorable!!!
I am a lurker.
I love to blog, but don't have all these crafty things on my page, I need more motivation to make more!! But it is always so inspiring and encouraging to see others blogs!!

ShazamBangles said...


It's been great watching your awesome blog progress. I'm glad you have stuck with it and that you enjoy it so much. You should be proud.

muchlove said...

Happy blogiversary!
Such wonderful goodies you're giving away. You are very generous :)

The best part of blogging for me is being able to connect to wonderful like-minded people who I wouldn't have without the blog. The friendships I've made through the blog world are ones that I truly cherish.

bex said...

im over in england so dont include me! but id just like to say congrats on your blogerversary. i love blogging because of never ending inspiration it provides

Bear said...

Congratulations! I heart your blog so much. And lovely giveaways, YAY! That kitty is AWESOME.

Grace said...

Blogging has opened a creative door for me and allowed me to try lots of different projects. I live in the countryside so the blog is my creative community where I come to feel supported and inspired.

Grace x

13mimosa said...

I haven't been reading for 12 months, but I am enjoying all your posts. I'd love to be included.

carly said...

congrats girl on your 1 year blog birthday!
how crazy is that!
i've been reading since the summer and blogging since uni finished in april.
it's just a release for me.

love the loot.
so cute.

Christie said...

that cat is gorgeous, I wish i could knit!

blogging motivates me to finish things that i start & i have met some wonderful people through blogging :-)

good work on making it to a year! i really enjoy reading your blog

sewfunky said...

Happy 1 year anniversary! :)

Well done! Loving the cat!

I love the blogging world, and have been blogging a couple of years now. It's a great way to stay motivated!

littlechrissy said...

Happy blog birthday! What a great giveaway!
That cat is too cheeky... my cheeky cat at home is in the bad books right now for knocking three successive glasses of water off the bedside table last night while chasing a grasshopper.
Why do I blog? Because I meet lovely people who care and share. It makes the world seem cosy.

Lyn said...

yay for this milestone! :)
i'm sure it was a great one year indeed! and thank you for taking the time to blog all things wonderful and sharing them with your readers :)
loving the cat and the other gorgeous goodies too :)

angela said...

I love your knitted cat, so gorgeous!!
Happy Blogiversay!! Fingers and toes crossed to receive your delicious goodies : )


amy said...

oh what a sweet little kitty!

Kirsty D said...

Congrats on 1 year anniversary and thank you for sharing a part of your world and life with us little blog strangers. What you do makes a difference, it makes people smile so thank you :)

Sophie St Vicious said...

happy birthday dear bloggy!

your knitted kitty rules btw :)

Bek said...

What a sweet giveaway! Happy Blog Birthday.

Re Blogging: I love connecting with people who love making stuff. And saying, "look what I made!" which is a bit nerdy I guess!

pixelhazard said...

Oh so many lovely things. What a precious kitty!

Blogging is my creative outlet, particularly when i don't have time for my more involved persuits.

Taffyanne said...

Fabulous design, looks like that kitten wants her dinner! Also your Millie has the most beautiful eyes. Just discovered the world of blogging, and finding it delightful, thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Happy first anniversary! I stop by your blog regularly but I am a bit of a lurker... nothing like a competition to lure us out from hiding :)

I love reading creative blogs as I find them so inspiring. I am constantly getting new ideas for projects while reading.

I love that cat! The expression on it's face is fantastic.

M* (Melanie) said...

What a divine giveaway! I love that cat!! It's just stunning!!

Best thing about blogging for me is touching base with other like minded people. I love the journey a project can take, I love seeing and learning about the way other people work and I love sharing in the process too.

I love the giveaways (both the giving and receiving) but that bit is a bit of a no brainer!!

Wishing on every star I'm picked...


Kirsty said...

I'm not sure what I love about blogging yet. I think I'm going to love that it's a diary of my life but I'm so new to it that who knows where it will go.

p.s. the cat is cute. meow.

maçã said...

This is the most cute giveaway I ever saw! I'm in love!

Congrats for the 1st birthday! One year of great posts, thank you :D

with love,


Veja cecilia said...

Oh I almost missed your give away! Happy one year:)

Noelia said...

I like blogging because its a way to express all the things i have inside, points of view, etc ... I love writing, and i love reading other people´s blog, they inspire me, they make me smile, and they give me new ideas or projects