friday finds

Happy 1st November!

Today I've gathered up some of my favourite Etsy finds over the past little while to share with you. Enjoy!

1. Hand Embroidered iPad Mini Case, Gala Born // 2. Miniature Timber Planter Box, One White Sunday // 3. Sad Girl with Bunny Ears, EEching Handmade // 4. Imaginative Rain Sweater, Sheila Courture // 5. Hand Carved Wooden Dinosaur, Horses by Holmes // 6. Earthenware Profile, Rachel Levit // 7. Azotic Topaz Sneakers, ARAMA Shoes


Melissa G said...

I'm liking the sad girl.

misako mimoko said...

love them!! the dinosaur is too cute!!
happy halloween dear Evie!! xx