who collects stamps?

Do you collect stamps? I don't. I think one of my cousins might, at least he did when we were kids. One of the many things I love about purchasing from very small businesses is that they use stamps, unlike bills or big companies who use delivery services or have their mail prepaid. Mail from a small business is far more interesting - in more ways than one!

The above stamp arrived many months ago on a purchase from the UK. Even though I said I don't collect stamps I've kept this one. I love the illustration so much that I just couldn't part with it, at least not yet.

Upon further investigation (Google!) I found a great post on The British Postal Museum and Archive that goes in to detail about this particular stamp, the collection it's from and other Dickens stamps throughout British history. The illustration is by Joseph Clayton Clarke who was know for illustrating the characters from Dickens's novels in the late 1800's.


Imogen Eve said...

I love stamps. They're little mini artworks. I don't properly collect them, but I have a very large glass jar that I've filled with ones I like. I tell myself that one day they'll be useful for some craft project – although I'm not sure what!

I particularly like those from England or Christmas Island. Your David Copperfield one is gorgeous.

Melissa G said...

I am an on again/off again stamp collector. My collection began with my Dad's stamp album, which he received after swapping some marbles and a Batman comic. Then an old man that knew me gave me his collection, which has stamps that date back to WWII. Those stamps are a window to history.

melania said...

I'm not a stamp collector but I did pick up a bag of various stamps a while bag - from a flea market, I think. I was having a look at them the other day with the idea to use them for some packaging and ended up poring over them for such a long time, sorting piles and looking at details. There are some Polish ones with great designs and I discovered that I have a soft spot for the ones that come from New Zealand.