handmade gifts : customised baby booties

If you're anything like me you wish you had enough time to hand make special and thoughtful gifts for all of your favourite people. The reality however is that there's limited time to make even the occasional thing for yourself, so when the opportunity come it feels pretty great. 

Earlier this year I made two pairs of customised baby booties from Pip Lincolne's first book, Meet Me at Mike's - 26 craft projects and things to make. The pattern in the book is called, Teeny-tiny goody-two-shoes which I've made before and this time wanted to try something special.

The booties were gifted to new mums-to-be and I chose to draw little faces of animals that held significance for each of them. The faces were draw onto tracing paper that I laid over the pattern pieces to get the right size and shape before embroidering onto the toes of the booties. Each pair also had, baby + surname, embroidered on the bottom and an additional matching drawstring bag which I think turned out pretty cute.

Both mum's now have their bubs and are doing super well.

Do you own any of Pip's fun books and have you made anything from them? I'd love to see! Leave a link in the comments if you wish to share.



jen storer said...

absolutely adorable. x

pip lincolne said...

Golly! HOW CUTE, Evie!!!! :) x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Those are soooo special, Evie. It's kind of a shame that they will grow out of them so quickly -- but at least then it means that they can be kept safely in their little bags for the next generation.