sorting with mike's and frankie

As mentioned in last week's post I'd been sorting out our spare room to create an improved work/craft space. My trusty sidekick, Millie was on hand to help decide what was staying and what was going.

Amongst the sorting a couple of old Frankie magazine gems were found. In the mix; Meet Me at Mikes back in the Richmond shop days and the good ol' times at the Brown Owls clubhouse. Oh the nostalgia!


Links I've been enjoying this week: Matt Dofman's Mother Board and Kaye Blegvad's Blogvad.


Kylie Hunt said...

Gorgeous photos :) You've reminded me I have a pile of mags to sort through myself! Have fun - can't wait to see your new work space. Kx

Kirsty said...

Awwww...the good old days. They were great times Evie. xx