etsy success sydney

I'm super late posting this however I thought it was still worth sharing some of the notes I took away from Etsy Success Sydney. I took heaps! These are snippets you may enjoy also. 

I headed to Sydney from Melbourne with the lovely Jess from Teddy Bear's Wednesday. With a shaky start almost missing our flight — which then got delayed — we missed the intro but ended up having a really inspiring day. There were ten talks in total. I saw the following five.

Because I am so late posting this there are already a few wonderful reviews of the day around the place like; here, here, here, here, here and here. Etsy uploaded photos to Flickr too. And if you are interested in checking out the talks for yourself (or like me, the ones you missed on the day) I believe Vivid are posting podcasts. I couldn't find them but when I do I'll update this post with a link.

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ShazamBangles said...

What a cool post! I wish my notes looked as cool as these do.