where have I been?

Why hello there! How are you? 

This past weeks break was a little impromptu. My daily work routine dissolved leaving me feeling scattered. Amidst arranging our spare room into a more efficient studio space our computer became unplugged for a couple of days. And, last weekend at Etsy Success Sydney there was lots of chat about Instagram. I caved in and signed-up.

I'd been avoiding Instagram, mostly fearing overcommitment — unsure I needed or wanted another online media to upkeep. So far though it has been fun and I can see where previously active bloggers have been spending their time! 

Are you are on Instagram too? I'd love to follow along if you are. Or do you have any favourites you'd like to share? If you'd like to find me my username is, handmaderomance.


Christina Lowry said...

I've just joined instagram too. I've noticed quite a few bloggers who have all but stopped blogging since beginning instagram. I'm enjoying having an extra little camera with me all the time, but my first love is blogging. :)

Flotsam Friends said...

Hi Evie, I wish I'd known you were there! I was too. I've just started a Facebook page and am on instagram. I'll find you now. I'm loving instagram it. It's so cool having access to so many amazing visuals from all over the world. It's quick and satisfying. I'm still sorting out my Etsy shop but will be there soon. Love that tea towel and also the stitching samples. So loose and rustic and not over done. Pru

Kirsty Eckard said...

It's so funny this whole instagram thing. I find that I feel guilty if a day goes by and I haven't put at least something up there. I'm definitely suffering from over commitment! :/ It sure is fun though!