handmade from laos

How adorable is this little face?! I couldn't think of a more appropriate gift for my handmade, brooch lovin' self. Nice work clever gift giver. 

Purchased at a market stall in Laos, from the maker — a 14 year old girl — who draws on the reverse of each of her creations making them all the more special. So sweet.

From one happy face to another — here's wishing you a very sunny Friday! x

P.S. It is SO not sunny in Melbourne town today.


Hannah Bird said...

theres only one word for that brooch and the japanese says it all! That brooch is so "kawaii!"
(cute, loveable and adorable!)
and made by an arty 14 year girl has a beautiful touch - such sweet inspiration!

Nicola Rowlands said...

argh this is amaze-ing. x