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The past week has been a short work week here in Victoria with the Melbourne Cup public holiday on Tuesday. For those of you not familiar with the Melbourne Cup, its' "The race that stops the nation". Horse race, that it. It also seems to mark the start of Christmas kicking into full swing around the shops. And with only 7 weeks left until said event here is my next 'Whatcha Doing?' list.

Learning I am not as good at sticking to deadlines as I thought I was (this could have something with the time vortex I feel like I'm in)  
Reading about the origins of some nursery rhymes in the latest issue of Frankie
Making a pattern for my contribution to Softies for Mirabel
Watching Welcome to the Dollhouse
Listening to new CDs' VowsMetals and A Creature I Don't Know
Eating fresh
Drinking delicious coffee from Pillar of Salt

Wishing my little brother a happy birthday and our cat Millie a quick recovery from her cold. I have never had a cat with a cold before so I was a little concerned but we have been to the vets and she is on antibiotics and seems to be getting better each day.

I would love to hear about something from your week. What have you been doing? Are you preparing for Christmas?

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Lightning Heart said...

ohh I love Welcome to the Dollhouse!