etsy seven

Its time again for an Etsy 7 and looking through the items I have been adding to my favourites list lately there appears to be a shade or two of GREEN appearing rather commonly. While it is my favouorite colour these selections had not been made consciously.

1. 1950's vintage dress, from Stutterin Mama
2. Mid Century Danish lamp, from a store full of treasures, 1001 Vintage
3. Suede flats, from Extraseed
4. Ernie the elephant soft sculpture from my favourite Jess Quinn
6. Hand dyed silk top by Accra Accra
7. A box of blue tip matches, from The Cupcake Kid

Do you have a favourite colour?


Heidi said...

That dress and those shoes are amazing.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

it seems to just happen to me too!!
love your finds, specially the aqua shoes and the dress :)