whatcha doin?

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Someone said to me today that there is only 11 weeks left until Christmas. This is crazy! The year has disappeared so quickly, its frightening. As a result I've decided on Fridays to stop and take a moment to remind myself about what I've been doing in the week gone by before everything is sucked into the speeding time vortex!

Learning this 
Reading ways to live a happier life and this wonderful family adventure 
Making and attaching hand stitched skin... to a puppet! 
Watching incredible dance moves here and here plus episodes of Outnumbered on iview 
Listening to video games 
Eating and cooking Red Lentil, Chickpea and Chilli Soup 
Drinking this yummy pear cider — it reminded me of eating these as a kid
Wishing my little brother's dog to make a full recovery from a nasty spider bite which left him with two tubes in his chest — happy to say he is now doing well

I would love to hear about something from your week. What did you discover?


Kylie said...

Love your list. I think I need to concentrate on the same myself... making happy is good for the soul, isn't it? Thanks Evie. Kx

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I was actually looking at your blog yesterday morning, but I didn't get a chance to comment. I always such a nice place to come and escapethe world for a little while. Thank you also for your kind comments regarding Ava. xxx

I too love your list. At the moment, all my life involves is entertaining a four year old with a broken leg and trying to keep a three year out of trouble while my attention is on the four year old. Oddly enough, actually love the chaos.

I hope your brother's dog is still well and staying out of trouble. xxx

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

eeek, isn't it crazy how fast it's going. . .
love your list idea.
and your puppet making looks excellent :)