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A couple of you asked about the book pictured a few posts below. It is called, Work/Life 2 : The Uppercase Directory of International Illustration and is available to purchase here. The book features 100 illustrators from around the world, including pictures of their work and studios. This truly is a beautiful, diverse selection of illustrators. I love this kind of book. It also includes a few words from the illustrators about their work, inspirations and creative worlds. This really would be a handy book if you were an Art Director or someone in search of an illustrator for so many different reasons. 

The pages above are from these fabulous illustrators (clockwise from top left): Anton Weflo, James Gulliver Hancock, Will Scobie, Andrea D'Aquino, Sandra Juto, Sandra Eterovic, Gemma Correll and Mia Christopher.

While I was taking these photos I also spotted a familiar looking face on the bottom right page belonging to Sandra. Remember? It is the mini Sandra I made as part of an Artist Exchange.


Christina said...

The book looks very interesting and lovely, especially since it features a mini Sandra! :)

Luna said...

That is sooo cool - what a great thing for you to spy within its pages! Thanks for the peak too - I've been curious about this book :)

Brit said...

ooh I must buy that book!! uppercase brings out such inspirational series... I really loved the camilla engman book and am now very curious about the dottie angel one!