Thank you for all of your lovely comments on our wedding. We loved our day so much and it has been nice to be able to share some of it here with you. 

By nature I'm a fairly reserved and a private person. Even though I can't see you I still find it daunting sharing personal moments like these, however because you share so much with me I am able to build the courage to do so too. 

For those that wish to know, the dress is a 1950's Union Label dress bought on Etsy from De La Belle. Amazing store and great customer service. Thanks Delana!

And our wonderful photos were taken by a dear friend who's wife is rather crafty too! Thanks Anthony you have given us the most fantastic memories of our special day.


Kate said...

Um, actually, your delicious wedding inspired me to post mine, too, so thank you for giving me the oompf to do the same! It is a bit scary - I totally agree :) xx

Katyha said...

so sad I missed saying congratulations. The photos look amazing and you both look gorgeous. Wishing you many, many years of happiness as husband and wife :D