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To all affected by the floods here in Australia at the moment, my thoughts are with you and your families. I wish you safe and dry.

I have spotted some lovely crafty people putting together projects to help. For more head here and here. Anyone wanting to donate money to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal can do so at all major Australian banks or online. More details are here

There are so many things that can be done to help, near and far. I was just reading a suggestion for those close by to where people are cleaning up to offer to do laundry and how appreciated a nice freshly washed basket of laundry is. I would never of thought of that!

Edit: More great people are getting to work offering creative ways to help! For all you crafters or anyone who has created something by hand Handmade Help is setting up shop with all proceeds going to people and animals affected by the Queensland. More here!


Kate said...

Oh its such a helpless feeling watching from here isn't it. And it just seems to be getting worse and more out of control. The washing does sound like a great idea.

teddybearswednesday said...

Beautifully put Evie.
It is beyond words horrendous. Watching it all, people lives literally being swept away.
I agree the washing is a wonderful idea, and probably something that doesn't spring to mind straight away. xo

Lauren said...

washing clothes is an amazing idea!

Dawn Tan said...

It is horrible..hmmm.. But the laundry idea's pretty good I think!

Christina said...

It's such a sad time. I've been baking Anzac biscuits tonight, for my husband to take with him when he volunteers in the City tomorrow with his ute, generator and sump pump. I've been gathering up bottles of water, old tea towels and garbage bags and trying to think what else to pack for him to take.