the design files - guest blogger week

Today is all about packaging, here and on The Design Files guest blog.

I have posted about this packaging some time ago and I love it so much I thought it would be great to share again for those of you who may not have seen it before. It's a box made from paper which requires no gluing!


• pens, pencils, any drawing tool of choice
• 2 paper squares, one 5mm bigger than the other

You could illustrate both of your squares or just one. I have chosen to use paper from Monday's post which I have photocopied onto coloured paper. I am going to use this for my lid. Plus one plain black piece of paper for my base.

Now watch this informative little video.

I tried to illustrate how to do this but it became way too complicated and I ran out of time so the link above will get your through perfectly.

Once you have completed both of your paper squares you will have a base and lid which form a sweet, little box to package all sorts of goodies and presents in.

Experiment with different sizes and colours or even just some lovely textured papers. You could even recycle the sports pages from the newspaper to gift your Dad's Christmas present in. The possibilities are endless!

Using some other scraps of paper I have also made tags to accompany my packaging. You could do this too. Cut out some circles. Draw your design. Punch a hole. Complete.

Happy packing and I will see you tomorrow for the very last guest blogger post!



Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

Thanks for the great ideas! Éva

Lucy said...

OH MY GAWD these are so Ace Evie! YOU are a creative force to be reckoned with!

Simple and fabulous. xxx

Miss B. said...

these are fantastic! well done!