the design files - guest blogger week

Oh wow it's Friday already which means it's also my last day over on The Design Files guest blog. I feel a wee bit sad to be honest. It's been a really fun week and I have truly enjoyed putting my posts together for both there and here. Thank you so much Lucy and Jenny for inviting me over!

Today's theme on The Design Files is hand drawn animation. I am not going to one here, instead as a way to tie up this fabulous week I have decided to bring each day together, like so....

Hand Drawn Wrapping Paper

Hand Drawn Pillowcases

Hand Drawn Brooch

Hand Drawn Packaging 
(made from Monday's wrapping paper)


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments this week. You are always so good to me. I hope this week has left you feeling inspired to try something hand drawn.



ShazamBangles said...


dee said...

you have done a really good job this week. I've really enjoyed reading your posts each day (on both blogs) and it's inspired me to work on packaging!

mel bomba said...

so much inspiration.
i'm really unsure how you put all this together after just getting married and being on a honeymoon and working???

Kylie said...

Absolutely!! What a wonderful week Evie - you are so amazing. Loved it all :) Kx

cerebral e said...

It's been gorgeous!

Catherine said...

my husband walked in a moment ago while I was admiring this post, and was really impressed by those pillow cases (he normally doesn't get excited by the blogs I visit, so take that as a huge compliment!) I've loved belatedly visiting your week of inspiration - thank you, and hope you've had a wonderful christmas...

Jenny Butler said...

It was such a treat having you on the Guest Blog for a whole week! Thanks again Evie, you did amazingly! xx