the design files - guest blog week

Head to The Design Files guest blog today if you would like to feast your eyes on some pretty clothing and accessories, all of which are adorned with hand drawn goodness.

My DIY suggestion to go along with todays fashion theme is a brooch. My favourite accessory. You could make one out of strong card, paper, MDF board, pre-made porcelain or clay shapes - anything you can think of really. Something sturdy but not too heavy. I have chosen to use air-dry clay but you could easily adapt the below to suit your brooch base of choice.

• air-dry clay
• permanent pen or acrylic paint
• varnish/sealer
• flat-end brush
• brooch back
• super glue or hot glue gun
• knife (for scoring) 

Have a think about what you might like to draw on your brooch. It could be a pattern like in Monday's wallpaper project. Or it could be a face, an animal, fruit, flowers, your favourite pair of sneakers. Anything you wish. It is a good idea to sketch your idea onto plain paper first to get an indications of what size you would like to make your brooch.

Prep your base. If using air-dry clay mold into shape and leave to dry according to the packet instructions (depending on the weather this could be a couple of days or more). Once you have your brooch base ready prep the surface with a base coat, allow to dry and then draw your design directly onto the clay with a permanent marker or acrylic paint.

Allow your design to dry then finishing off with a coat of varnish using the flat brush. The varnish will seal your design and help protect it from the weather. Apply a second coat if desired then leave to dry completely.

On the reverse mark out where you would like to apply the brooch back. Score the surface of the clay with a knife in the position the brooch back is to go then with the super glue or a hot glue gun attach the brooch back.

And voliĆ”! Your own personalised brooch to pin to your pretty self. 


Kirsty Lee said...

wow Evie, this is such a super nice tutorial. I'm going to have so much fun with this one! Thanks HEAPS!

ShazamBangles said...

Giving away trade secrets!