the design files - guest blog week

Today on The Design Files guest blog I'm sharing some lovely homewares decorated with hand drawn images. I wish I had a lot of these items in my own home - how fun and colourful each day would be! To play along with the homewares theme my project today is for custom pillowcases. This one is so easy. You will have new pillowcases in no time at all!


• pillow cases (bought ones or make your own - pillowcases are the perfect beginner sewing project)
• fabric marker or fabric paint
• cardboard
• iron
• pencil (optional)
• paper (optional)
carbon paper (optional)

Sketch your idea on paper to get an indication of what size will work best on your pillowcase, then work out where you would like your drawing positioned. I have done a rough sketch and will eyeball the positioning, my day job has given me lots of practice at getting things centred.

Next take the cardboard and insert it into your pillowcase between the front and back pieces of fabric. You could use a newspaper or cutting mat instead, the idea is to stop the fabric marker from going through to the back of your pillow.

Draw away until you are finished.

If you are hesitant to draw directly onto your pillowcases, you could transfer your sketched image using carbon paper. The transfer lines will come out in the wash. 

Iron your image to set. Finito!
Sleep tight!



captain kk said...

oh so sweet! i stenciled some pillow cases a while ago, which turned out fun (
& i bought some gorgeous handprinted illustrated ones recently from sunday morning designs from the finders keepers markets. hmm, i think you've just given me my next post idea :)

Lizzie said...

These are beautiful! You should put some up in your shop. I know a bed that is calling for them.


hey congrats on the guest post gig!! am loving reading it...these pillowcases are pretty darn cute (and peaceful) as well. you're one awfully clever lady!

Madeleine said...

I love these Evie! Gorgeous!
And really enjoying your guest blog, you're doing an amazing job. So clever...
ps. welcome home you married lady you!

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

Oh, I love these! I just bought the 'Here I am Still Waiting' pillowcase by Camilla Engman from Third Drawer Down, but I think I might try this.

I am loving all these crafty posts, Evie. xx

Lucy said...

I AM going to join the crowd and say how much I love these Evie! so so so cute and you make it seem so easy! It's as if you just go around illustrating your own bedlinen every weekend. GORGEOUS!

ps) What is with you and bearded Men...!? he hee :)

schorlem├Ądchen said...

oh i love that :) what great pillow cases and Sandras softie :)

Anonymous said...

I adore these!!!