wedding wrap-up : part II

So Im a bit late since I said in Part 1 this would be a weekly wrap-up, lets just say it will happen when it happens, roughly weekly. No pressure. I like it that way! Let's get started on Part II.
Wedding receptions with campfires and marshmallows, looks divine and what a fun way to end the day! Photo by Kari Crowe.

Such a pretty table. Styled by the aptly titled company Gorgeous. (via The Design Files)

A pre-wedding story about working through the really hard times and sticking together.

You know I'm a fan of a New York City Hall wedding. Here is another done simply, stylishly and happily. Love it!

Happy feet! The bride wore golden TOMS, shoes that help others and a pink dress no less. What a bride!

I had been waiting to catch a glimpse of the wedding between Jessica (of What I Wore) and Adam and here it is! They held a flower harvest the day before the wedding to harvest family flowers for their day. Very special huh?!

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one yellow jumpsuit. said...

Thank you for your really sweet comments on my blog, especially the one on my "Exposing Me" post. It was very sweet and kind. Thank you.

I hope your wedding plans are going well and I'm loving all your wedding posts.

I hope you have a beautiful day. Love Hannah xxx