wedding wrap-up : part 1

Wedding days mean different things to different people and for me it is a celebration of marriage. A day that marks the beginning to a new phase of the journey between two people who wish to share the rest of their lives together. And I respect that not all people need a day of marriage to happily do this. Marriage is a choice some of us might say are very lucky to have.

As my own wedding is quickly approaching I thought I would start doing a weekly wedding wrap-up and share with you some of my favourite images, moments and inspirations spotted throughout the week. Here goes!

Winners are grinners and the bride wore a gorgeous vintage dress. Via Wedding Chicks.

These two look so excited (take a closer look at Lillian and Leonard). I wonder if they were excited because they knew what was about to happen or what had just happened...
 The sweetest hair barrett in the brides wedded last name. Handmade by a friend. And the dress, made by her mother inlaw. Beautiful touches. Via Once Wed.

So sweet and obviously so perfectly them. Patterned dress, coloured tights and matching finger nails. I love it. Via Lisen Adb├ąge.

The perfect tree to hide behind in your grandmothers wedding dress! Via Ruffled.

It's all about those amazing shoes. Via Krisatomic.

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Lizzy said...

wow! how exciting! congratulations! i will be looking forward to the wrap ups. i love pretty wedding pics to stash away for a future sunny day.