teddy bear, teddy bear

Oh my goodness!!! Have you seen what the lovely Jess of Teddy Bear's Wednesday has been up to?! I know! Pretty darn cute right?! 

Jess is going to be selling - the most beautiful line-up to grace the back of a couch that I have every seen, at the next Craft Hatch market on Saturday 23rd October, at the special Craft Hatch venu - State Library of Victoria. I can not wait. There are going to be many more goodies there too, some of which have been seen over here all this week. 

I think you should make it, if you can. Oh and how adorable is the above image? Apart from the before mentioned lineup, I'm loving the one random odd flower in the pattern on Jess's couch. See it? 

Big thanks Jess for letting me use your image!


vestidadedomingo said...

Adorable teddies! .... and ... yes, there is a strange flower

angela said...

So many cuties, I'd be tempted to buy them all! Actually, I've got my eye on one that hopefully will be waiting for me when I arrive at the market!

Hope you have been well... not long before the big day!

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I can see the odd flower and I love it.
I also love the little black and white Panda who has to give a lift up to a little bear. They're all so adorable.

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Evie! You are too much!!!THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart you are gorgeous and very very kind too. You know I do feel it's coz of you I am even doing this market.
your words mean alot.
And it's so odd, I've never noticed that about my couch until you pointed it out! haha. love that couch cost me $40 from Sacred Heart. xo

gooseberry said...

the teddies are gorgeous!
i am itching to get one now - thanks!! :-)

rizomdesigns said...

Thanks for making my morning with this adorable photo! I love your creations & your blog! Happy Saturday!

schorlem├Ądchen said...

oh my this is such a cute image...and your blog is just wonderful


such a sweet image...the random flower makes me smile!