I've been searching Etsy for the past...well, I'm not too sure how long, lets just say it has been long enough... trying to find something I spotted during the week and wanted to share. Turns out I didn't Bookmark or add this item to my Favourites like I thought I had. Now I can not find it anywhere! Since it is getting late and my eyes are a little sore I've given up the search but fear not I still have something pretty darn cool to show you.

Hand-painted plates by James Ward Designs. I think the stealing, bandit bear is my fav!

 images from top to bottom: here, here, here and here

Also I've been lucky enough this week to be included in this Beards and Mustaches Treasury as well as this super cute Treasury by Candy Bandits. Thanks guys!


teddybearswednesday said...

Cute Evie!!
Don't you hate when that happens though? xo

Lightning Heart said...

aww those plates are adorable!

Teddy Mog said...

Those are the cutest plates I've seen in my life! I like the bear too and the mousey one! Thanks for the pics they are gorgeous :-)

gretchenmist said...

amazing that they are all handpainted! so clever :)

E R I N said...

i love the first one,
my cat sleeps like that
all day every day.

what a life :)

Melissa said...

Yep, they are pretty darn cool!