doppleganger beware

Did anyone else watch Exit Through the Gift Shop and think this...?

The film was totally entertaining and I believe lived up to its hype! I was left on a high and I'm not sure if this was from disbelieve at what I'd just seen actually happened or if Thierry could have really been a Rob Schneider character!

My thoughts were also occupied with, who owns a Mr Brainwash? Was there any gold amongst all that film? Was this an example of achieving anything if you put your mind to it? And the obvious, were Thierry and Rob separated at birth?

Sadly if you are in Melbourne and have not yet seen this I'm sorry to say all remaining screening have been SOLD OUT!

Edit: Oops! Almost forgot - images from here and here.

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Lizzie said...

I saw it and loved it and pretty much had the same thoughts on it as you :)

It is going to be shown at Palace George (in St Kilda) so maybe it will be at other cinemas around town.