lego patches

images from here

Have you seen these little lego patches by Dispatchwork?

Aren't they awesome?! I'm so glad they exist!

I hope you are having a super happy day Tuesday.



Kellie Christie said...

Loving the lego! It's so funky! What a cool artist.

mama bear said...

Very cool. I love stuff like this. I haven't been lucky enough to see anything myself yet!

I'd love to stumble across a knitted pole or something. It would absolutely make my day. x

Kate said...

That is the best!
I actually thought it was the wailing wall in Israel for a second when I first saw the pics.

Kristi said...

My boys would love to come across that. Thanks for stopping by my little blog and leaving such a kind comment. I am off to have a peek around yours.

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I love them. You always find the coolest things. xx

.girl ferment. said...

me too

Sara said...

yep, 100% pure awesome! You always find the coolest stuff. Guarranteed to make me smile you are! xx


ha! stumbling across this would colour my day happy