trash to treasure

photo by Matt Hurst

If you are in Melbourne and near Federation Square I suggest popping by The Atrium to check out 1,000 discarded kitchen utensils.

Really? I hear you say.

Why these are no ordinary kitchen utensils, I tell you!

Actually, they are. However these kitchen items have been thoughtfully collected from 'secondhand stores, sheds and flea markets' to be transformed into amazing, intergalactic looking sculptures by the very clever Donna Marcus, so you would never know.

Given their shiny surfaces, pretty colours and hanging nature they also remind me of vintage Christmas decorations! Don't you think?

I know some of you may have already seen this but I couldn't resist posting about Donna myself. I do love it when someone knows how to re-purpose an everyday item so beautifully and Donna has been up to this for years - check out her equally wonderful past exhibitions here.

Re-Entry by Donna Marcus, is a free exhibition on at The Atrium, Federation Square until 29 May.


muchlove said...

how fascinating! I'll have to remember to check it out next time I go to the city.

Kellie Christie said...

Thanks for sharing! What an amazing artist Donna is! Wish I were in Melbourne to see it.

teddybearswednesday said...

WOW these are stunning. Thanks Evie, I must check them out.xo

Flippin' Factory said...

If my place was big enough, I would attempt this at home!
Thanks for posting.

T. Rivera

Clare B said...

I love the exhibitions they have in the Atrium. Last time I was in Melbourne they had a whole lot of umbrella's hanging upside down, really wonderful colours reflecting off all the glass. The kitchen utensils also look like they would reflect light in interesting ways.


I am loving this constellation of kitchen utensils! Thanks for sharing...

miranda @ Howdy Stranger said...

I knew they'd find a good use for anodised aluminium one day!

these look fab!