high-five friday

Five lovely places and objects I've come across recently that deserve high-fives and are absolutely worth sharing!

1. Defining Duo, a great place to stop by for a mix of stylish items recycled, re-used and re-purposed.

2. Knitting patterns available via 100 Rain, all making me wish the weather cooler and plenty of time to knit.

image from here

3. A gorgeous little turtle made by man hands from vintage and modern fabrics. Not only sweet but stuffed with eco-friendly kapok too!

image from here

Gretel know how to search the globe for home accessories that will make your heart sing.

images from here

Walk with happy feet in colourful, fair-trade shoes by Osborn Design.

Happy Friday!



teddybearswednesday said...

gorgeous Evie. I love that turtle soooooo much! xo

Borat said...

High five!

becka said...

Oh, I've been lusting after those floral shoes for awhile now! I wonder if this is the sign that I must buy them!

Also, that turtle is just too, too much. I love it!

swell.life said...

such awesome finds!! i especially have my eye on those little dishes from gretel. cutest things i've seen all week. love your blog!

Luna said...

I absolutely want that turtle!

REread said...

I love the tortoise ...

moose and bird said...

I do love the floral sneakers.....perfection!

lauren carney said...

bah i adore those floral shoes,
they kind of rock my world!
x x x