road trip

It was a long weekend here in Australia and we had a little road trip to the country for a friend's wedding. The wedding was lovely.

locuts everywhere

The drive however was through a
locust plague, the worst Victoria has seen in 40 years!

eewh locust guts!

There was a LOT of me saying, "EEWH!" and scrunching my face as we drove through thick patches.

ahh a nice clean car again : )

Needless to say our first stop, once home back in Melbourne was a car wash!


Veja cecilia said...

I have tagged you!

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

Eewh indeed. I hope the wedding was indoors. xx

Katyha said...

That is a LOT of locusts, quite gross actually ;)

chamelia said...

Aww! I feel the sympathy. I spent the weekend with my boyfriend, road tripping to Griffith for a friends engagement party and had the exact same onslaught of locusts. The worst part - the smell of them burning as they caught in the engine - ugh! x

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Locust - OMG - I've only ever read about this sort of thing!