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my big bro and i, very early 80's. possibly still livin' in the 70's!

Did you know this week, in Australia, is Organ Donation Awareness Week?

Yes. No.

Yep, well it is, and its a good reminder for us to chat to our loved ones about what our wishes regarding organ and tissue donation might be. Have you thought about this? Not the prettiest of things to think about I know.

Did you know in 2009, less than half the demand for organs was able to be met*?

Did you also know that in 2009, 247 organ donors gave 799 Australians a new chance in life*?! Pretty amazing huh.

As at 4 January 2010, 1,310 people in Australia are waiting for a kidney transplant.*
One of those people is my older brother. So yep, this subject is a close to home for my family. Luckily we are part of the lucky half and just last week found out after many, many months of tests my Dad will be able to give one of his kidneys to my brother. YAY! Still a long road ahead but yay all the same.

You can read a little about the two of them over here if you like.

To sign up to go on the Australian Organ Donor Register head over here.

• sourced from here


CurlyPops said...

It's amazing just how many families are touched by this issue. I wish your brother and your dad well for their upcoming surgery.

Tuxedo Black Cashmere Pink said...

A what a touching post! I didn't know such thing existed but thanks to you I now do. I am going to read more about it! x

Clare said...

oh evie. i got little prickles of tears in my eyes when i read your post. surely there is no greater gift than what your dad is giving your brother....

Sara said...

Oh I will be thinking of your family and wish them all the best indeed. Hang in there!
Thanks for the link too, I have always been adament I want to donate all of my organs in the event of my death, but now I have registered so that there is no confusion and no family members need to worry about making decisions they might not feel able to make. I like that.
Oh Evie, I sending ever so much good luck to you and your family. xx

teddybearswednesday said...

what amazing gift your father is giving your brother. Wishing all the best for both of them in the surgery.

Veja cecilia said...

Very important subject! I hope everything will sort out for your brother and your family. best wishes.

Madeleine said...

What an important and beautiful post. I am a huge advocate of organ donation. So great to hear a happy beginning. The happy ending comes post operation when all goes successfully! All the very best to your Dad and brother.

.girl ferment. said...

hope it goes well for your family.
thanks for posting about real issues, easy to get caught in all the whimsy sometimes.

moose and bird said...

Wow, this is wonderful news for your brother. I hope all goes well and he can get out camping and fishing with his mates again soon. Have a lovely weekend. Melinda xo