oh yeah, you know you're foxy

images from the future project

I really like these, yes I do! Donna Wilson's work always makes me feel happy. I especially love her crazy critters!

You may remember this kitty I made for my one year blogging giveaway.
Hopefully I will find time this year to make some more creatures from this fabulous book.


Conversation Pieces said...

With you on the Donna Wilson stuff... she's apparently a friend of a friend of mine. Not close enough to get freebies unfortunately! ;)

teddybearswednesday said...

Her work is awesome, especially those softies of hers. I loved her kitty though, hope to see another one of those Evie/Donna Wilson guys soon. xo

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

You know someone has amazing style when they too love Donna Wilson. I think she's awesome and I love her cloud cushions and blankets. I can't wait to see who you make. xxx