I will be away from blogland for about a week so before I go a very big, cheery Christmas to you all. You rock! Yes, you do. But you don't need me to tell you, surly you already know!

One other thing which I have been waiting to share is this little guy. Wombok.

Can you believe how darn cute he is? I can't. I was beside myself with grins of happiness what he arrived on my doorstep after I purchased him from here.

But, I can believe he was created by the talented Jess from
Teddy Bear's Wednesday, because she is cleaver like that - making the sweetest, heartfelt bears and friends.

Wombok was bought as a gift for a special little someone and I was
SO tempted to keep him all for myself but decided it was probably better to give as intended! I will just have to get another fabulous Jess creation of my own.


teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Evie THANK YOU!! You really are too kind!!

pixelhazard said...

Oh he's so cute and what a cute name wombok, i could eat him up lol

Kate said...

That Wombok is divine! His name suits him perfectly. Jess really is so clever. Hope you have a happy break.

13mimosa said...

He is super cute. I've had a few gifts I've bought like that this year - evaluating if the receiver will love them as much as the giver! So far I've done the right thing!

Can I say a thank you for sharing over the last year, I've really enjoyed reading and with the festive season here I start reflecting. I look forward to seeing what you're up to into 2010.

Merry Christmas.

angela said...

It's true, Jess makes the most beautiful little treasures. And Wombok is just adorable.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

abigail said...

he's adorable!

Clare said...

This is adorable! No wonder it was difficult to part with him.